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ManaguaVIP is a platform that makes it possible for escorts and clients to meet safely and discreetly. We list some of the most educated and beautiful women in Nicaragua. Our long lasting relationship with all major hotels in the capital ensures that you will have a safe and discreet encounter. Here are some common questions we get from visitors:

Where are you located?
This is an outcall service only. The ladies will come to your hotel, autohotel, or home (Premium only).

This is my first time in Nicaragua, is this legal?
Yes, it is 100% legal. You are not breaking any laws by booking with us.

Are your services only available in Managua?
No, escorts can travel anywhere in the country and you can even hire them as travel companions. A $50.00 USD deposit is required when the model has to travel outside Managua.
How do I become a Premium Member?
Text us at +505 8776 2376 and we'll send you billing information for you to pay your membership dues.

Why can't I pay with my credit card?
Currently we can only accept bank transfers (BAC, Lafise),and Banpro's Billetera Movil. For more info text us on whatsapp +505 8776 2376

How much does membership cost?
Premium Membership dues are $40 dollars yearly.

What benefits do I receive with my Premium Subscription?
You get unlimited and unrestricted access to our exclusive content, including thousands of photos and videos.
24/7 customer service, hire any escort at anytime day or night.
Get GPS tracking information on your date before she arrives.
Get the Premium Listing of escorts not listed on the site.
DIscounts on every date.
After I sign up for Premium Membership will I be able to see the escorts' faces?
Yes, after you've become a trusted member (3+ dates) otherwise, you will only see their faces when you meet them in person.
Is it possible to wait for my date at the lobby of the hotel and have a drink at the bar before bringing her up to my room?
Yes, of course, as long as you have informed your companion ahead of time. There is no extra charge for this.

Are escorts photos and information real?
All photos are taken by professional photographers and are updated frequently. At ManaguaVIP we get to know the escorts we work with personally, so no fake or misleading profiles are possible.

Are ManaguaVIP escorts professional escorts?
No, all escorts are either students or have other occupations and view their position as an elite escort as a small, lucrative and exciting adventure.

When does the clock starts "ticking"?
The golden rule is that time starts running from the moment both of you meet, however this is Nicaragua and not even escorts like to rush, so just laid back, relax and enjoy.

Can I call or text my date before the appointment? Escorts choose our platform to avoid the need of having direct contact with clients to protect their privacy.

Can I get the escorts private number?
You will be provided the escort's private contact upon confirmation of the appointment.
How long do you take to reply to a message?
Most messages are answered instanstly.

I am sending you messages, but I only see one check?
Our system blocked you, try texting from a different whatsapp account at +505 8776 2376

Why can't you send me photos and videos?
Our whatsapp number is exclusively used for reservations. We do not send photos or videos. Our entire catalog is available for free on our homepage.

I'm ready to book, what's the next step?
Text us the name of the escort, and verify your appointment.

Why did you block me, I didn't do anything wrong?
Due to the large volume of incoming messages we usually block and report numbers that we perceive as irrelevant.

What are the reasons that could get me blocked?
Using profane or abusive language is the most common. Being unresponsive, calling instead of texting. Sometimes we just block you because you texted before, didn't book anyone and we needed to save up space. .
I'm ready to book, what do I do?
Text us (Whatsapp +505 8776 2376) the name of the escort and verify your appointment. You may also book online at the model's profile, we will get back to you to confirm the appointment.

How far in advance should I book my escort?
We recommend at least 1-2 hours in advance.

What is the latest that I can order the service?
Premium Members can book 24-7. You can also hire an escort late at night if you are staying at a major hotel. New clients can only book from 8am - 8pm.

I have to cancel my date. How do I proceed?
In the event of a general misfortune, text us so we can re-schedule.
Do I pay the escort directly or will someone else come for the money first?
The escort will arrive by herself, all payments should be made to her and to her only.

When should I pay the escort?
Please hand the amount agreed upon to your companion at the beginning of the date and avoid an embarrassing situation where she needs to ask for it.

Can I pay with a credit card?
The escorts prefer to be paid cash. But in some cases we may allow you to pay with a bank transfer.
Is it possible to wait for my date at the lobby of the hotel and have a drink at the bar before coming up to my room?
Yes, of course, as long as you have informed your companion ahead of time.

Can the escort come up straight to my room?
Yes, in some hotels that can be arranged. However other hotels have security measures in place allowing only guests to use the elevators with an electronic key. In those cases, you may be required to come down for your companion.

Do you know if hotels will charge me extra to bring a visitor to my room?
Yes, some hotels may actually do this. We have blacklisted those who do. If you value your money stay away from such establishments:
Hotel Intercontinental-Metrocentro
Hotel Hyatt Place
Hotel Best Western - Las Mercedes

Which hotels do you recommend?
As of January 2021 the following hotels allow visitors without any issues. Hotel Hilton Princess
Hotel Camino Real
Hotel Airport X
Hotel Mozonte
Hotel Crowne Plaza
Hotel Agualcas
Hotel DoubleTree By Hilton
Hotel Wayak
Hotel Hex
Hotel RDG
Hotel Colonial
Can I re-negotiate the rate with the lady directly?
Escorts don't want to be haggled over financial matters. That is another reason why they prefer taking advantage of the services we provide.  In order not to spoil the atmosphere with financial considerations, we suggest clients handle all such matters directly with us.

What are the escorts rates?
Rates are listed on their profile.

Why are the rates so high?
Our clients appreciate quite well the difference between riding a public bus and going on a limo.
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