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All Models are Regularly Tested and STD Free

The main concern when hiring an escort is the potential that she may have an STD (Sexually Transmitted Desease), this is not a topic that many agencies will even speak about, but we think it is quite important for our clients to know that all models who work with us are regularly tested and STD free.  In fact, even if a model has a minor illness, like the flu, it would not be allowed to work until she has fully recovered and is approved to do so by a competent medical authority.

Soon, we will be uploading updated health records for all models currently working with us, but as always, these records are available upon request from any of the escorts, all you need to do is ask. We also ask you to observe common sense safety rules, such as using condoms properly.  Each escort is a business all by herself, so it is in her best interest to stay not only beautiful, but also fit and healthy for her clients.

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